Hair fiber restoration & reparation Challenge

Suggest your solutions for repaired hair!

Are you developing a solution that could restore or repair fibers?


Are you developing a solution that could restore or repair fibers ?
For this challenge, we are looking for any innovative solution that could be adapted for hair under this theme.
Even if your solution is used for a different industry - textile, building, papers, painting, decoration, optical materials, etc. -  or even if your solution is based on any different technology or material, do not hesitate a single moment and apply for the challenge!  
We are looking for new solutions, routines, gestures, tools, materials that could bring something new for both consumers or hair professionals, to any kind of hair, and that also preserves the environment!



    From October 20th to December 5th

    Register and present your solution directly on the platform.


    From December 6th to December 12th

    The jury, a panel of our in-house experts, will select the most innovative solutions.


    December 16th

    Announcement of the selected projects!

Why apply?

Discover what could happen if you are selected:


Opportunity to connect with industry experts, support your project, get feedback and improve your solution!


Proof of concepts, access to L'Oreal labs when applicable.


The Group's extensive expertise in the beauty industry.


Privileged access to our L'Oréal Masterclass.

New Market Opportunities

Support to your startup development.

A few tips to pitch your technology

TRL: 4 or more, you can show at least a prototype of your technology to demonstrate its functionnality.

- Clearly highlight the uniqueness and specificity of your technology. What makes it different, better than the other ones in the same area?

- It doesn’t have to be designed initially for cosmetics. We need to understand the functionalities it brings, how it operates and then we will see if the transfer to cosmetic is feasible.

- Let us know how we could support your development
Only non-confidential information will be shared at this stage.

Are you ready?

You will have the opportunity to present your project to L'Oréal's experts and develop strong relationships with L'Oréal all along the challenge, and to deploy your solution!

Participate today in our challenge and be the Startup that will revolutionize the cosmetic industry with us!